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The Perils of Patricia: Decorating in the Face of Disaster

She Said


In less than a week, we will find ourselves living in Puerto Vallarta.  I am way too busy to be writing this article, but I felt I had to acknowledge the strongest hurricane ever recorded.


One thing that has kept me sane while living in disarray (out of cardboard boxes) is envisioning our new place and the prospect of putting my decorating touches on it.  During my last day as an Academic Advisor, I should have been giddy.  Instead, I spent most of the day checking the internet to see if Patricia was going to flatten our adopted city.  Suddenly, instead of considering what kind of rugs and artwork I would get for our Mexican apartment, I was wondering whether or not it would have doors and windows, not to mention plumbing and electricity.  Hurricane-Patricia-jpg


Thankfully, with help from the weather gods and some protection from Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madres, Puerto Vallarta ended up pretty much unscathed. With our destination intact, it gave us the signal to continue clearing out our Minneapolis apartment.  We managed to have several large pieces moved out today, despite frequent fire alarms going off in our high-rise and halted elevators.


And tomorrow will be a traumatic day for Judd.  He is about to give up his favorite chair that, over the years has conformed to the shape of his body.  Hopefully, he can find sufficient solace in a chaise lounge up at our rooftop pool.


I feel fortunate that we can continue our plans and also happy that the world’s strongest hurricane decided to steer clear of populated areas.  Is it possible this is a sign our venture will be a success?


He Said

Unlike Marcia (the Master Planner), I have always believed that interior decoration is an evolutionary process, occurring gradually as one actually lives in a given space. Anyway, it was the last thing on my mind as she and I sipped margaritas, terror-stricken, watching the Weather Channel last Friday night as the hurricane hit.

True, PV emerged largely and luckily intact, but, just today, I suffered my own personal Category 5 disaster: my chair is gone!

Sadly, the next upholstered support for me will come courtesy of Delta Airlines six days from now. Somehow, I must be a “big boy” and learn to sit elsewhere as my ancient butt is forced to conform to new realities, south of the border. Ass-ta la vista, baby.