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Our First Dia De Gracia(Thanksgiving) in Puerto Vallarta or Focusing on the Positive through the Construction Noise



She Said


Let me just say first of all, I love Puerto Vallarta.  I love the ocean, the people, the weather, the nature (most of it) and especially the cost of living.

Just the other day, I got my hair cut and styled and my eyebrows waxed for the equivalent of $32 including tip!  I could have also come home with a very sweet chihuahua at no extra charge, but that is not part of the game plan.  I would highly recommend Martha’s for their professionalism and friendliness.  Not to say I don’t miss my stylist Michelle in Minneapolis, but my haircuts in the near future will be in Mexico at about one third the cost.FB_IMG_1448586189197

I wanted to get my haircut, which had become quite unruly in the humidity, prior to our Thanksgiving dinner date at Daiquiri Dick’s.  This is a world renowned restaurant that we had never been to and I figured it was about time we dined there.  It is, of course, expensive by PV standards and guess who complained about that?  But, even Judd had to admit it was excellent, both the food and the service.  Not to mention, I paid.FB_IMG_1448586171401

Okay, so here comes my complaint of the week.  I am at The Page In the Sun working now, probably spending more money than I am making, since right next door to our casa they seem to be chopping down the forest with nonstop chainsaws. Not that I mind noise…music, children, burros, roosters, they are all part of the expected background.  But I refuse to associate this deafening whirring and crashing with the sounds of Mexico.

I am also doing some freelance writing and ghostwriting and I will really have to pick up the pace to afford these rather expensive coffee shop prices.  You can help by sharing this blog with all your friends.  Muchas gracias!

He Said:


Well, we’re settling in…Marcia’s pre-occupation with insects is slowly subsiding; the mosquito netting she recently purchased (against my advice) remains up in the loft, unused. Cheerfully I’ve offered to have a custom burka produced for her with the material but get looks back ,from her only of disdain, or maybe embarrassment-I’m uncertain.IMG_20151129_203852

For Marcia, every holiday is critically important.  I consider them to be cynically constructed commercial schemes promoted by money grubbers. Jewelers, florists, candy manufacturers, to name a few. Here’s an illustrative “Thanksgiving” haiku:

yet another day

of feeling deeply grateful

each meal a banquet

For ten years I’ve tried to get my wife to stay home and feel thankful over a turkey sandwich, to no avail.

Daiquiri Dick’s was actually very, very good but, for the 80 bucks we (she) spent, we could have bought a delicious cantaloupe the size of the bowling ball every week for 16 months.

The last time I paid a barber was over 25 years ago; yesterday, however, I did spend 10 pesos on a package of ponytail holders. I also blew another 10 pesos on a fly swatter; I was stung by a small bee a few days ago and must exact some revenge.

Anyway, both the rain and the chainsaws have stopped now and I have three glorious weeks before my wife’s next Big Holiday…the sun is shining, life is good and the plumber comes tomorrow to fix the leak under our kitchen sink!

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