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Romance in Vallarta or: Nostalgia y Nuevo

 She Said

I thought I had better wind up the month of February with a post on love in Puerto Vallarta. One of the reasons people flock here is that love is all around.  I am not just referring to romantic love but family love, friend love, love of pets and even stray dog and feral cat love.

Romantic love is, of course, prevalent here, from young honeymooners, to retired couples (with a more relaxed kind of love), to gay couples who can express themselves without the worry of threats or disapproval.

There are a number of legendary love stories in Puerto Vallarta.  I don’t mean to disappoint but today I am not writing about Liz and Dick (but you know that is coming).  A much sweeter story is that of sculptor Jose Ramiz Barquet and Nelly Galvan Daque.  They fell in love as teenagers over 70 years ago but their disapproving families forced them apart.  They went on with their lives to marry other people and have families.  Thirty years later they ran into each other in a flower Market in Mexico City. What are the chances of finding your lost love in one of the most populated cities on earth?! They were then both single and started up a romance, resulting in Jose moving where Nelly lived in Puerto Vallarta. 

One evening they were sitting on a bench on the Malecon discussing what might have been had they married when they were young.  The conversation inspired Jose to propose and, of course, Nelly said yes. It further inspired Jose to create the wonderful sculpture, “Nostalgia” in 1984.  Jose and Nelly remained married and living in Puerto Vallarta until his death in 2010.


Nelly continued to run the traditional and romantic restaurant, Las Palomos on the Malecon until 2012.  The new location is at the Marina.  After serving my husband a homemade spaghetti dinner on Valentine’s Day, I convinced him he should take me there for lunch the following day after I attended a health conference at the Casa Magna Marriot that morning.  Judd opted for an omelet and I had a chicken mole enchilada and a delicious margarita.  Everything was delicious and reasonably priced and the view of the boats in the marina was spectacular.

Last Palomas
Las Palomas


As I am writing this, we have only 39 more days until we move to the Romantic Zone.  This urban girl is ready to get out of the jungle!   

In the zone
In the zone


He Said:

If love is the union between sea breezes and street dust, then I feel it in the air, too, Marcia.  Seriously, this is a tough one for me…I’ve never considered romance and geography to be interdependent.  Whether one is in Venice or Cleveland, our hearts, I believe, operate on a map of their own (not available for sale, laminated, on the Malecon).  Who put the longing in longitude?  Who put the “ooh la la” in latitude?


Not Venice
Not Venice

Here’s what I see: ocean, mountains, sunsets, charming (if precarious) architecture, fishing boats, palm trees, busses, art galleries, taxis, jewelry shops, and restaurants.  Oh, and I almost forgot, cobblestones.  Admittedly, it is beautiful.   And chaotic (like love itself, I suppose).

Here’s what I do not see: one of those revolting 1-800-Sandals TV ads featuring pornographically perfect couples walking down an undiscovered beach as the glowing sun sinks to the infinite horizon.  Pose with me, Baby!  We can photoshop it later…

It isn’t always easy

or frolicking or fun;

love is where one finds it,

I’m glad that you’re the one.