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Our First House Guest or: Mi Casa su Casa



She Said


We have been in our new place in the Romantic Zone for three weeks now and just got done hosting our first guest this past week.  My very good friend Pattibeth made the trip to Puerto Vallarta, and I believe she is very glad she did.

Patti and I have been friends for over 15 years.  She is no stranger to Mexico. Patti did her undergrad near Mexico City and had vacationed in various places in Mexico over the years.  She had never been to PV before and was surprised to find it was a real city with genuine Mexican charm and actual Mexican people living and working here, a great place to practice Spanish!

Iglesia de Guadalupe
Iglesia de Guadalupe

We did a lot of shopping and dining out and took in our share of sunsets. Not too surprisingly Patti also loved some of my favorites like Coco’s Kitchen, Diablos, Daiquiri Dick’s…you get the picture; she is a classy gringa!  However she did almost lose her cool over the sax player at Di Vino Dante!

Wine, chocolate and sax in Mexico!
Wine, chocolate and sax in Mexico!

Our place is ideal for visitors since we are so close to the water and have a terrific view from our pool area.sunset

Besides just frequenting the Malecon and shops of Puerto Vallarta, we also had great massages at the Holistic Spa.  And again, great service for half of what it would cost in the U.S. Muchas gracias Erica and Victoria!sunset horizon

The most adventurous thing we did, however, was take a tour to San Sebastian.  San Sebastian is about 90 minutes away by car up in the mountains.  It is very charming with the old church and a town square that looks like it came out of a movie set.  My favorite part of the tour was the tequila factory and tequila tasting.  Of course, we were directed to the shop afterward where I did my best to support the local economy.

Tequila lecture
Tequila lecture
Bridge to San Sebastian
Bridge to San Sebastian

We met two lovely ladies on the tour, Patty and Maureen, who joined us for a drink at Chez Elena the next evening.

Now, for me, it is back to real life.  But real life isn’t so bad with screens and furniture.  In the meantime, I look forward to Patti’s return and visits from other friends and family.

Mexican coffee at Daquiri Dick's...not your mama's Folgers
Mexican coffee at Daiquiri Dick’s…not your mama’s Folgers

He Said:


The obvious appeal of a 2BR/2BA apartment is that it provides space for the occasional visiting guest…Marcia had her friend Pattibeth from the States for the last week and we enjoyed having her!

To accommodate her, I traded away only my designated up-seat toilet and my siesta/contemplative side of the second bed.  For that, I gained plenty: An All-Important Marital Breather as the two of them went out frequently to shops, bars, and restaurants.  Of course, there were times when I joined them but, sensitive spouse that I am, I felt they needed time to “catch up” and volunteered to hold down the fort at home cheerfully and often. Finished the John Adams biography, tuned and strummed my guitar looking for chords to perhaps hang some new songs upon, watched a little TV, napped, swam, and sun-bathed, etc…Major “Me Time”—and all unsupervised!!


So now our first guest is gone and we stumble back toward domestic normalcy.  Marcia will soon conclude (I hope) her Prince mourning, as I continue to wonder how, with that much money, anyone could die without having a Will written. Our internet situation is such that, at least for the time being,  I’m not able to watch my Minnesota Twins on TV at home.  The way they have begun the season though, it might be a blessing in disguise.  See following poem…

6 and 14

It’s true this April’s start seems slow

But there are still five months to go

Too soon, I think, to lose all hope

Says baseball’s optimistic dope

Who swims encircled by dark fins

And dreams his hapless, crappy Twins

Will drag him back to solid ground

And turn this sordid thing around

KINDLE_CAMERA_1459454480000- baseball





No girls allowed
No girls allowed
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