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Judd’s Big Birthday: or Feliz Cumpleanos en Puerto Vallarta

She Said:


So, June 11th was a big day.  Judd Herrmann turned 70!  Having the sense to stop smoking cigarettes more than a decade ago, has not only allowed him to reach this impressive milestone but also to look forward to years of fun and laughter.

If you know Judd or you have been following this blog you may know he is not normally a big holiday or birthday kind of guy, but I knew I had to do something for his 70th.

Admittedly, it is a little bit sad to be away from friends and family during a “special” birthday, and PV is not exactly hopping in mid-June.  The tourists and the snowbirds are long gone, and even some of the locals have left for cooler pastures. 

I did take the birthday boy out for a nice dinner at Coco’s Tropical to say goodbye to his 60s and breakfast the next morning at Coco’s Kitchen to welcome the 70s.  We then made our way to Monchies, his favorite local watering hole, where I had a cake hidden that I had ordered from Sweet City.  Rosie also put up some birthday signage I had brought over to the bar earlier in the week.13413162_10208632363623995_378491892494486566_n

We were there for at least an hour by ourselves in which Judd unsuccessfully demanded several times I take down the Feliz Cumpleanos sign.  No way!  It cost me 29 pesos.

Feliz Cumpleanos!
Feliz Cumpleanos!

Finally, a few good friends and friendly acquaintances showed up, and the cake could finally come out of the fridge.  Believe me; it was an after-thought to wear a dress that matched the cake.

Thanks to Terry, Jimmy. and Nicole
Thanks to Terry, Jimmy. and Nicole


And a special thanks to Rosie
And a special thanks to Rosie




 I am leaving for Minneapolis for six weeks but first, let me say, happy eighth decade to my hubby and blog partner.   Just wait till you see what I have planned for your 80th!


He Said:

I tend to think it’s my birthday every morning when I first open my eyes.  Each sunrise a fresh start.  Uncertain as to whether that’s due to a past rich in recreational chemicals or not, but hell…seize and celebrate every day, right? And though, historically, I’ve always strongly favored down-playing birthdays as being at least vaguely silly, still 70 is 70.

I can remember being nine and deeply convinced that I’d never make it to 21.  For most of the last 50 years, I’ve thought about the big 7-0 this way, too far out to imagine.  Well, no further imagination required.

Had we been back in Minnesota, Marcia would have surely organized a major happening of friends and family for the occasion. Here though, me out back at Monchies at a table by my lonesome as I stare in disapproval and disbelief as Marcia conscripts Rosie to help hang up ridiculous birthday signage (bilingual). My personal pity parade diminished as a few good local ex-pat friends arrived.  After cake and seven beers (one per decade?) plus a shot of Jaeger, I found myself in the spirit of things.

Despite the fact that she adamantly refused when I begged her not to put the signs up, my wife is a very sweet (if not obedient) woman and birthday parties or not, I look forward to as many years with her as I have left.

Marcia leaves soon for some time back in the Twin Cities; I’ll be on my own for about a month.  We’ll get back to blogging when we return mid-August.