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Our Return (to or from?) Home or: ¿Donde Vivemos?




She Said:


I’ve been back in PV for about a week now after surviving the Delta Debacle.  My six-hour journey turned into 18 hours complete with an unsolicited tour of the Mexico City airport.


Mex airport

I left Puerto Vallarta for the Twin Cities mid-June and had a pretty packed schedule for my six-week stay.  I got to see kids, grandkids, my mother, siblings, aunts, cousins, and, of course, some very good friends.

After birthday parties, concerts, brunches, High Tea at Lady Elegant, a visit to Villa Belleza Winery, and several Happy Hours I was ready to return to Mexico.

Celebrating my Aunt Viv’s 90th birthday with cousins and sisters.
Viia B
Villa Belleza in Pepin Wisconsin


Got to attend my baby granddaughter Avery's first birthday party!
Got to attend my baby granddaughter Avery’s first birthday party!
My mom and grandpuppy Luna at Stella's half birthday party!
My mom and grandpuppy Luna at Stella’s half birthday party!
TCGMC premier of 2 Boys Kissing... Great job Sam!
TCGMC premier of 2 Boys Kissing… Great job Sam!

It is hot here, but the mornings and late evenings are pleasant.  We have also decided to splurge a bit on air conditioning in August and just see what happens to the electric bill.  It might get kind of pricey, but not nearly as expensive as living in the States.

We are here in Casa Cora Mae until at least April and then what?  We just don’t know what we are going to do!  It seems we both have the feeling of being at home both in the Twin Cities and in PV, but when we are in one place, we have a longing for the other city.

There are several factors which will influence our final decision; health, finances, and most of all the presidential election.  If a certain someone is elected, I intend to become a Mexican citizen…Okay, a side note here; as I am writing this, the woman at the table next to me is declaring the same thing to her friend.

So, we will see.  We do need to decide where we will be living in April 2017 by February.  In the meantime, I plan to make the most of my time here in Mexico and enjoy the summer rains, and the lightning shows over the bay up on our roof.  So, stay tuned!

Thanks to my hostess Robin!
Thanks to my hostess Robin!


He Said:

Return to Mexico
Return to Mexico


Okay, the blog is back…

Just returned from 3+ weeks in Minneapolis/St. Paul visiting friends and family.  Some of that time with Marcia, but most of it at my friend Tom’s 2 BR condo (only about a mile from my favorite bar).

Visited with my dying brother, spent time with my grandkids, drank and laughed heartily with my two sons, went to baseball games, rekindled my love affair with Rachel Maddow, picked up another six months’ worth of my COPD meds, got my passport stamped, and perhaps best of all, (given the green light) got back through Customs with 37 tins of my muy importante Grizzly chew!  Life is good.

Drinking with my sons at Sweeney's
Drinking with my sons at Sweeney’s
Beautifying Tom's balcony
Beautifying Tom’s balcony
Hangin with my cousins
Hangin with my cousins
Causing trouble with my stepson
Causing trouble with my stepson
And thanks to Tom and Helen
And thanks to Tom and Helen

After eight months in Mexico, the trip home, of course, provides another chance to compare and contrast the pluses and minuses of each country’s culture and lifestyle. I have the strong feeling that, henceforth, whether we’re in Minnesota or Mexico, part of us will always long for the other.  I sorely wish we were financially equipped to be 6/6 Snowbirds, but alas we are not.  We have about seven months now to decide if we’re going to continue to live here and simply visit Minnesota, or return to Minnesota and visit here.

A partial list of my personal considerations follows…


Puerto Vallarta                                                            Mpls/St. Paul

Low cost of living                                                       Not much is cheap

Beautiful mountains                                                 Flat (level)

Pacific Ocean                                                               Mississippi River

No hablo espanol                                                       Everyone understands me

Insects bother my wife                                             I bother my wife

Media/Internet shaky                                               Comcast charges, delivers

Perfect in winter                                                         Fantastic in summer

Cobblestones                                                               Pavement

Termites                                                                         Nada

Cheap beer in bars                                                     May have to drink at home

No baseball                                                                   My beloved Twins

Wolf Blitzer                                                                    Morning Joe

If you wish to add to this list free feel to do so in the Comment section and as always any other thoughts or questions will be appreciated.