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Rhythms of the Night or: Todo esto y Prince y Elvis Tambien

 She said:

As many of you know, Judd and I have been coming to Puerto Vallarta for nearly 12 years.  We have done some touristy stuff, whale watching, trips to Yelapa, Bucerias, and Mismaloya, and I have taken trips to Guadalajara, Ajijic, and San Sebastian, but never in those 12 years had we done “Rhythms of the Night.” I have been not so subtly hinting for at least a decade that we should do this, but Judd, of course, nixed the idea with the excuse it was too pricey and too trite. Besides, it would interfere with his television and movie viewing schedule.

Anyway, after some friends enthusiastically recommended it, I finally convinced him the trip to Las Caletas would serve as my Christmas and birthday present.  So, I haggled a bit with the lady at the tourism booth on Olas Altas and got the $149 tickets reduced to $109.  For that price you get a beautiful boat ride across the bay, free drinks on board, a fabulous dinner with wine on the cove, a terrific show, more free drinks on the ride back and a very entertaining show put on by the crew on the way back to the Marina.

Ready for our adventure!
Cervesa, margarita, rum punch anyone?
Doesn’t look like he’s suffering too much

Arriving at Caletas Cove is lovely.  There is virtually no electricity near the cove, so they light it up with thousands of candles and torches.  The setting for dinner could not have been better…great food, table by the bay and no bugs! I thought the show was pretty spectacular, kind of a blend of Cirque du Soleil and The Lion King, with lots of fire flying around.


Las Caletas
Muy romantica
Everyone seemed to be having a very good time on the boat ride back.  The atmosphere  was made even better by a performance by “Elvis,” “Frank Sinatra,” and “Prince.”  If you find yourself in PV, I would highly recommend this excursion.
I am going Whale Watching with a friend next week and then onto Minneapolis for a week.  Have a great holiday everyone!

He said:

Rhythms of the Night…the phrase now coming frequently from my wonderful wife.  The power of repetition as, with my impaired hearing, I try to determine if indeed she is talking to me, or simply continuing her long-running domestic monologue.  Turns out, she was speaking to me: I resisted. We discussed. I was going.

$109 each X 2= $218(U.S.) … This better be good, Marcia.

Easy to forget one lives on the eastern fringe of a nearly hemisphere-sized ocean; always nice to get out on the water! Especially with “free” drinks. The boat deck heaving slightly, but none of the passengers.

Having embarked at about 5 PM, as we approach our destination, it is darkening.  40 or 50 staff, uniformed in white, present themselves standing in lines equidistantly spaced, with hands clasped behind them: we welcome you, Golden Geese from the North! Lanterns, candles, and torches everywhere somehow strongly reminding me of the up-river approach to Marlon Brando in “Apocalypse Now.”

Led up and down a few well maintained, tea-light bordered jungle pathways, Marcia and I are suddenly shown to our table.  Small and sturdy, white table cloth over faded blue wood, candle, flowers…at the edge of a twenty-foot cliff overlooking a small cove and the waves entering it, making their way gently to its sandy beach.  I can’t tell good wine from cheap wine, but I never enjoyed a glass so much in my life.

A very nice buffet set up off to our right…all the food was excellent (especially my steaks).  Then, desserts and coffee.  My wife at ease, talking and laughing.  This is good.

“The show starts in 10 minutes folks…” Up and down a few more small hills, the paths converge on the amphitheater. We guess the seating capacity to be maybe 400 people and, somehow, we find ourselves in the front row! Behind the stage area, one side of a fake Mayan pyramid rises up the hillside.  Right in front of us, a small area simulating the wild jungle with a few boulders and short pathways thrown in.

The show was very impressive: lots of torches, drums, acrobatics, and costumed dancers.  Marcia loved it, but I was looking for a little narrative story-telling along the way.  Maybe a simulated human sacrifice or something?

On the way back, the drinks still flowing, we are treated to additional shipboard entertainment as cited above by Marcia.  All in all, a fun outing! Was it worth the money? If not, almost. Would I go again? Probably not.  Would I recommend that you go, if you haven’t been before?  Absolutely!!