Political Activism in Vallarta or: No mi presidente en cualquier pais

She Said:


Okay, I realize I might lose a few of you here, but I am willing to take the risk.  Needless to say, I did not vote for Trump, and I will never refer to him as my president or the president.  He is (in my opinion) an abomination to the two countries I love and call home, the United States, and Mexico.

Our time in Mexico was supposed to be an escape, but with the internet, social media, and global phone problems, you can’t really escape family or world problems.

I have been active and somewhat opinionated on Facebook during the 2016 elections and volunteered for Democrats Abroad, getting out the vote in Mexico for her…the one who should be president. Sadly, too many people listened to the polls and thought they didn’t have to get off their duffs to vote and sat back to watch the Hillary landslide that was not to be.  Because so many failed to exercise their right (or as far as I’m concerned their responsibility) we now have a narcissistic demagogue in the Whitehouse, elected by fewer than 27% of eligible voters. Oh well, at least he doesn’t work weekends.

So, what did we do in Mexico?  On inauguration day we gathered with friends at Monchi’s and drank Mexican beer and tequila.  Mexicans were offering Americans free hugs and Canadians offered their condolences.  The Canadians didn’t think the election would impact them too much, but I reminded them of the imminent invasion.

The protest marches taking place all over the world did offer some hope.  Perhaps this is the start of a real revolution.  Here in Puerto Vallarta, retired journalist Linda Ellerbee organized an event on the Malecon in front of Iglesia de Guadalupe.  There were a variety of speakers representing women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, those with disabilities and more.

Linda Ellerbee
Two generations getting ready for the demonstration.

Well over 500 attended the PV demonstration including women, men, children, Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, and, of course, lots of perros. I suppose Donald will figure out a way to screw the dogs too (you may take that literally if you wish).

The falling peso is blamed on Trump as well.  I am taking that into consideration with my purchases and tips.  I want our Mexican friends to know we are in this together.  Estamos todos juntos en esto amigos. 


What wall?


He Said:

My darling wife has an impressive history of organized, focused, political activism, especially at local levels, and it continued here in Mexico.  To me, both astonishing and admirable.

I have never worked a political phone bank in my life, and Marcia forced me to my first caucus only a few years ago.  But, in my defense, I have been devouring and discussing national and international political and policy news and opinion for over 50 years; I have watched every single presidential debate from Nixon/Kennedy forward and view voting as a required civil sacrament.

Over the years I have evolved from being a Goldwater Republican to being a Bernie Sanders Trotskyite.  I believe in taxing the rich, educating the poor and public support of art and culture, and I too am an activist.

Marcia works phone banks; I work bar stools.  I categorically reject the adage discouraging talking about “religion or politics.”  Hell, what should we be talking about, football and Kim Kardashian?

All too often religion and politics are the means others employ to first control, and then enslave us.  Feel free to join me at Monchi’s and I’ll tell you all about it.


Rosie has a message for Trump
Judd’s Mexican soap box
A captive audience
Memorial service held the same day as inauguration. ..not sure which was sadder.

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  1. Hi – we are a retired couple (1) fleeing Trump’s America and (2) seeking a new adventure.
    We have leased a condo in Marina Vallarta for a year and will begin moving-in in May of 2017.
    If anyone has recommendations on their preferred way of getting mail and packages from the U.S. , that would be greatly appreciated.
    Love this blog!

    1. Hi Jerry,

      I highly recommend checking with Mail Boxes Etc. I use the one in Zona Romantica, but I think they have an office in the Marina as well. Also, I hear UPS is pretty reliable here. Check out the Facebook site “Everything you want to know about Puerto Vallarta” You may find some help there. Good luck to you!

  2. Hi there, sorry for posting directly on your blog but I couldn’t find an email address to mail you privately. I’m the editor or Expat Arrivals and was wondering if you’d be interested in doing an interview with us on your expat experiences in Mexico. We’d love to have you share your insights with us! So please let me know!

    1. Hi Catherine,

      Thank you for your comment. Sure, we would love to do that. I will email you my email address and we can arrange something from there.

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