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Judd and I are approaching our 10th anniversary. For me, it is my second marriage; for him, his third. Not quite as tawdry as it sounds, since I was unmarried nearly 20 years between marriages and he was single for at least 12.   Considering how long people live today and how our goals and priorities change, I am not one to automatically put multiple marriages in the negative character column (though I deeply admire those couples who make it work for decades).

We have actually known each other for more than 20 years and met working at the Star Tribune. We were friends for years, but too busy involved in, or pursuing romantic relationships that just weren’t working to think of each other as a potential partner. Finally, our common love of baseball and specifically the Minnesota Twins brought us together. You can read more about our story in my extremely popular book, Soulmate Hunting: Beyond Clubbing: The Mature Person’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love and Happiness http://www.amazon.com/Soulmate-Hunting-Clubbing-Persons-Happiness-ebook/dp/B00ZMZAZ9E or also on Amazon the original version: Soulmate Hunting After 40.

But enough of my shameless plugging. We started out in a nice St. Paul neighborhood, but have spent the last 7 years of our marriage in a very nice Minneapolis high-rise, across from my very stressful job as an Academic Advisor. Minneapolis is a great city, but expensive and pretty damn cold 6 or 7 months out of the year.

We have survived my studying for, and finally achieving my MS in Psychology, various health concerns, family emergencies, and just day to day living. We decided it is time to really start relaxing and enjoying life, so Puerto Vallarta it is! We have vacationed there about 10 times, so we think we know what we are getting into.

There are things we will miss, not to mention the six sons and eight grandchildren we have between us. But, we will be back to visit and, of course, we live in a world where technology such as SKYPE can keep us close. Judd will miss his part-time gig at Sweeney’s Saloon, as doorman, gardener and Trivia Host, but will also enjoy just being a customer there on his Twin Cities visits.

We plan to cover the preparation and the move in this blog. Once we get settled, we hope to entertain you with more information on restaurants, activities, people, and culture of Puerto Vallarta, as well as taking side trips to neighboring towns. Please enjoy and comment often, but if you ever want to privately email us, you can do so at: juddandmarcia@gmail.com

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Please visit often!


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