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Favorite Spots in the Hood or: All this and Furniture too?!


She Said:


So we have been the inhabitants of Casa Cora Mae for about ten days now.  We are putting the finishing touches on and ironing out the various internet and media problems but overall, we are pretty well settled.IMG_20160411_155058

We are in Zona Romantica, so we know the area pretty well, as we have been exploring it for over eleven years.  But, when you are actually a resident you look at things a bit differently.  Together and separately we have been exploring our immediate neighborhood.  I am defining the immediate neighborhood as a three block radius in any direction.  Of course, there is so much more to do and see less than a 20 minute walk away.

So, let’s talk about food!  One of our all-time favorites, El Bohemio’s is only two blocks away.  We’ve talked about this great spot a couple of time in our blog… great homemade food, very reasonable prices, and the very entertaining antics of Sol Rose.

We have also discovered the most charming place a half a block toward the beach, Diablos Gourmet Fusion.  It looks expensive, but you can get eggs benedict for 79 pesos!  That’s less than $5 U.S.!  We just tried 116 Pulpito and had a delicious pizza and 2 for one mojitos.  They also get rave reviews on their Greek food, and tapas, and again, they are  pretty moderately priced.

Diablo's Fusion
Diablo’s Fusion
More ambiance
More ambiance

I like to go to a coffee shop to work at least once a week for a change of scenery.  Now I have two nearby.  Most of the seating at Dee’s is outside.  It is an excellent choice if it’s a beautiful day, with a view of the Pier and the ocean breeze right there.  But then I am very impressed with Coffee Cup…lots of food and beverage choices and great internet! They seem to make everyone feel comfortable.  They serve a small but very diverse crowd.FB_IMG_1460504048710

"Special coffee"
“Special coffee”

And, of course, we are not even two block from Banderas Bay.  Not too surprisingly, some of the restaurants there are overpriced.  And those with really great food are muy expensive.  Cuates and Cuetes, however, right by the Pier is a great place for a drink and terrific people and sunset watching.

There are also Oxxos (similar to 7Eleven), mini-marts and Farmacias at every turn, but one of my favorite places is Freddy’s.  It is a Farmacia and convenience store all in one and Freddy is always there and seems to know everything.

Even though we have so many cool places nearby, one of my favorite places is our apartment!  Not only do we get to sit on real furniture, but we also have a fabulous rooftop pool with a view of the bay.

Let us know if you are curious about a restaurant or place in Puerto Vallarta.  If we can, we will check it out.


He Said:


Well, folks, I haven’t really been out exploring that much in our new neighborhood.  Marcia is energetically and unknowingly acting as my re-con agent as I passively guard the home front.  The “new places” I seek are more inside my head than anywhere else anyway, but when she informs me of a place she’s found that she thinks I’ll like, I’ll subsequently accompany her.


I did venture out recently though one morning and sat on a bench on the pier with a hot cup of Oxxo coffee and watched fishermen preparing their small boats and, at my feet, two pigeons feverishly trying to reproduce.  Ah, yes, the simple pleasures!

In the zone
In the zone


Because out new apartment’s furniture is so much more comfortable than what we had in our previous place, and because our new rooftop is usually utilized by me alone I am pretty damned content at home.  We will still have some internet/wi-fi/phone decisions to make here but, in the meantime, I’ve been reading even more than usual…currently plowing through and enjoying David McCullough’s 700 page biography, John Adams up by the pool.  Also, writing a bit, to wit:


Looking Up


Pelicans and buzzards

Frigate birds and gulls

Above our warm Pacific shore

The sky this morning, full


They soar on unseen currents

And rarely flap a wing

Life at best is gliding

Yet observing everything


We share so much in common

The sea’s uplifting breeze

Ideal for beasts with feathers

And, beneath them, retirees